As we honor we in turn will be honored

The word honor and the idea of honoring others has been on my mind this Christmas season’s 31 days of celebration. 

The rewards of honoring people are amazing to me. This is an example:

Passing two magnificent soldiers in the airport, I was so encouraged. These powerful warriors are exactly the soldiers I want defending my country, and my family that I love so much.

My kind words of gratitude brought huge smiles, lighted eyes, and generous  “thank you’s,” that made me feel so good. 

Honor begets honor!

Yesterday, a surprise to my wife Susie, I cooked a special lunch to support my clean week. Wild Alaska salmon is my favorite dish; especially blackened.

Today’s words of hope honor the Blake boys as I call them.  Scott Blake is founder/owner of Copper River Seafoods and his younger brother, Brandon Blake is the former basketball coach, of Palmer High in Alaska.

In 1979 the Blake parents sent Scott from Cordova all the way to NBC in Spokane to attend NBC camps. Brandon played on NBC Alaska’s 1985 team. They went 15-0, beating the German National Team. 

Today Copper River Seafoods is the best seafood company in the world in my eyes. I was so blessed to see their smoked salmon on sale at Costco. So wonderful that you can get their world-class seafood at your door, visit www.copperriverseafoods.com.

As you read these words of hope about honor, think about joining me on the Crowell honor Challenge: Honor one person, or family, or team, or business, each day this December 2015.

Let’s start right here right now. Today, just one day.  Whom can you honor today? If you are like me, someone will come to mind. Got it?

Great! Call them, email them, or write them. Don’t expect anything.

To honor others, there is only one qualification, humility. 

Wisdom’s instruction is to fear the Lord, and humility comes before honor.
 Proverbs 15:33