Hope is helpful if you find yourself in a position much like myself, HELPLESS TAKE HEART are words that speak loudly. This sun-filled, blue-sky May morning inspired these words gleaned from David in Psalm 33 and 34.

No one delights in being in a state of hopelessness, especially those of us who like to be in control. The pandemic hit us as if blindsided by a freight train. The financial devastation experienced by millions of people hurt us like a double-leg amputation. Far too many of us feel helpless. Today I express these feelings:

  • I am helpless to stop the cancer damaging my body.
  • I am helpless to change the restrictions for my beloved, 49-year-old NBC Camps to serve over 10,000 campers this summer.
  • I am helpless to revive the USA economy, restore jobs, get employees back to work.
  • I am helpless to heal the many sick people in the oncology clinics I visit each month.

Yet, at this point, I offer you a dose of hope. Hope begins by naming what is causing you to feel hopeless. David is the author of Psalm 33 and 34, finding himself in deep trouble. He was full of hopelessness when a Philistine king was after him. What can you and I learn from David in his situation?

  1. If we want to get out of the pit of helplessness because of our troubles, we need to admit we are hopeless
  2. If we want to get out of the pit of helplessness, we need to place our hope in the Lord God.
  3. If we want to get out of the pit of helplessness, we are wise to sing a new song. Make one up – just sing! Listen to music. it does change us.
  4. If we want to get out of the pit of helplessness, we must act as if we are not in the pit. Put on character clothes of gratitude. Put on physical clothes that express cleanliness and success. 

I am growing in new hope because of David’s writings, despite all my troubles not being eliminated. I am also learning helplessness does not need to be hopeless. David says the Lord will redeem those who serve him. 

If God is our bodyguard and deliverer, we are safe in Him. This hope opens doors to all of His goodness. We look the best, feel the best, when giving praise to Him. His inner beauty will be reflected in our outer radiance. We will take heart! Just watch us! Gratitude wins. Hopeless loses.

Hope is helping me, help you, help others.