As much as most of us need some help in life, we seem to want to do it all by ourselves no matter what the responsibility. Do you relate? Great efforts not only demand great risks of failure, but they also demand help from others. 

Consider how many team sports there are. The better ones realize how each individual is dependent on each other fulfilling their role. Even individual sports need encouragement and training by other individuals. 

Then, great efforts also demand a great purpose. Every successful accomplishment seems to bring a renewed purpose for the next steps in life. I have seen this in a pro player’s retirement. I have seen this in a successful CEO’s position. I have seen this in a collegiate graduate (as my granddaughter Natalya Alexis Fisher’s 4-year perfection of her vocal talent at Oklahoma City University in hopes of future Broadway theater).

A renewed purpose can be explored by addressing these two questions:

  • Why do you think God has you alive?
  • What does God want you to do with your life?

When cancer came calling nine years ago, I had to re-ask myself why I was here. Six of my dear friends have not survived their bout with cancer. What does God want to accomplish through my life now?

Unashamedly, with the highest of hopes, I am here to help you help others.  That means to love God, love people and live life fully. I ask you to HELP ME HELP YOU HELP OTHERS.  For this, we all need Words of Hope. (A book will be published soon–watch for future order forms.)