“Imagine visualizing a valentine type heart strapped with a heavy backpack waiting to attempt to clear a high bar. That bar is Hope!” 

Recently I visited with a very special person to the Ferch/Crowell families.  Heavy in heart, with her hope bar too high to get over.  

In the storms of life we need heart anchors. To be clear, I see our souls as being the essence of who we are. Heart and soul are synonymous in my opinion.  

Anchors are associated with boats. They are crucial on boats. But they must have the correct specifications. The anchor I purchased for our pontoon boat was too small. It didn’t get the job done. 

Rather than boats, St. Peter used anchors to teach the importance of anchoring our hearts with hope.

If our hope anchor does not have the correct specifications for a person’s heart, it is ineffective in protecting our emotions.

The boat anchor’s job is to keep the boat off the rocks. The hope anchor’s job is to keep our heart (emotions) off the hazards of life.

As our dear friend opened up to bring light to her burdened heavy heart, as she dropped tears talking about her father’s imminent death, Susie and I grieved with her. In trials like these, we are given the privilege to be anchors.  

Cancer has taught me not to run from a heavy heart but to lean into the challenge and put on the full armor of God. The goal is not to survive, but to thrive.  

As the three of us wrapped our arms around each other, our hearts did not stop hurting but the anchor seemed stronger. It is in times like these the profound love of Jesus draws near.


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