This is the ultimate difference between contentment and discontentment.

Contentment is living in abundance.

Discontentment is living in scarcity.

Contentment is living in – “enough is enough.”

Discontentment is living in – “it is never enough.”

Contentment is – “I have everything I need, not necessarily everything I want.”

Discontentment is – “I do not have what I need or want.”

Life is hard when you live in the “have not” world. Life is hard when you don’t have enough money to pay the bills. Life is hard when the car is broken down and there is no money to fix it.

Life is hard when illness is an everyday thing. Life is hard when you feel poorly every day of your life.

Life is hard when you lose your job and can’t find employment.

Life is hard when family is in conflict and confusion.

Life is hard when anger, resentment, bitterness, and unforgiveness become commonplace in the heart of the home and in the business world.

One of the great mysteries of life is how is it possible for people waking up each day in the world of the HAVE NOTS to have uncommon contentment.

Look no further than the slums of Africa or India which define people living in contentment in the midst of dire poverty.

Look no further than oncology clinics to find people at the doorstep of death, still fighting the battle with joy and contentment.

Look no further than to my friend who in seconds was quadriplegic. To see uncommon joy and contentment, no longer chasing the rabbit of being discontent, with an “enough is never enough” attitude.

Where are you living today? In the HAVE or HAVE NOT world?

It took cancer for me to discover the beauty and joy of living in the HAVE WORLD. Psalm 23 and 103 describe this world. It awaits all of us. Please join me.