From time to time, all of us need to assess where we are emotionally. We need to be willing to open the door and take an honest look, a self-test. Whatever we believe about ourselves on the inside is what we will manifest on the outside.

The three foundational needs all of us have are to be loved, needed, and successful. If our personal belief system is not strengthened, these needs will not be positively reinforced. Instead:

  1. Fear may lead to hopelessness. (Fight or flee?)
  2. Guilt may lead to helplessness. (Real or false?)
  3. Inferiority may lead to worthlessness or masking. (Timid or aggressive?)
  4. Anger may lead to hatred. (Outward or inward?)

Diagnosing where we are with each element (with a grade) will become our gauge for asking for God’s light. He makes it possible to forget the past (Isaiah 43:18) and live in His new internal viewpoint (Philippians 3:14): forgiven, chosen, loved, overcomer, alive, hopeful.

May God’s face shine upon each of you and His mercy and grace fuel your diagnostic engine. Hope makes these life discoveries exciting!