Why should Thanksgiving be limited to one calendar day a year? Giving thanks can be so much more than watching football all day, eating piles of delicious food that later make us miserable, Christmas shopping, a four-day weekend.

Thanks-Giving is developed through conscious level thinking. Practice is the way to become a Thanks-Giving guru.

How wonderful for a child to hear his father or mother say, “My child, I am so thankful for you!” Later, that child himself will have the privilege to become a parent and be a Thanks-Giving guru to his own children.

Living thankfulness is much like the skill of an athlete or a musician. Repetition produces automatic responses. A fabulous basketball shooter or a great pianist, who has developed skills, is not consciously thinking of every little step. Rather, after myriads of repetitions, the skill is on “automatic pilot.” Likewise, the Thanks-Giving guru lives thankfulness after years of feeling or expressing thanks.

Such thankfulness is a choice. By default, we choose ingratitude. What is your choice?