Very early this morning I asked myself this question: Is my life enough, or do I want more? My reality is while I am in my secret garden, it is a perfect place. In silence, I’m enjoying the presence of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. How could I want more?

It seems to me I have everything I could possibly need. I don’t necessarily need to go to work, earning more money. Right now I don’t have to cough, dry heave, or be on my mini-respirator. I admit I do have a cup of coffee by my side, but I do have everything I need. 

Yet, there’s something inside that wants more. I confess I want more than just breathing. My soul-searching says I really want to live, even smell the roses, see the blue skies, hear the birds singing. I want to move, walk, run, dance, fly. I especially want to love people with all my heart and soul. They are God’s miracles! And I want to say with St. Paul that I want to know God more experientially.

For me, it starts right now. How can I be happy? Just for the next 30 minutes, I can celebrate life, love God and the people He puts around me and spread smiles. I will be fully alive when I invite others into the eternal family of God by transferring their trust to God’s forgiveness and leadership. 

How about joining me for 30 minutes?