A good Friday to you, dear friends! Let’s start today’s Word of Hopefulness with two inciteful, elegant questions, answering Yes or No.

  • Do you know why are you alive? 
  • Will you write your answer in less than 30 words?

I imagine 90 out of 100 people will not answer the two questions with Yes or No, and the other 10 will postpone it to later. However, the seriously sick are forced to deal with the purpose of their existence now. They cannot postpone thinking about it to a later time because that later time may never appear.

Consequently, I will answer the question personally, and hopefully, most profoundly. Why am I alive? Why did I outlive so many great people who have died these past ten years? Certainly, cancer has aggressively sought to end my days here on earth. 

I will be crystal clear. I know I am alive for only two simple reasons, and those are to:

  1. Love God, and
  2. Love people.

Simply put, if we love God, we love others. They are bound together. We cannot love God and not love others. We are to reflect God’s character. That means no filtering out the people we don’t want to love — the unlovely, those who hurt us, those not like us. In short, we are to love even our enemies! Generously. Graciously. Limitlessly. On good days. On bad days. On all the days in between. This is not as hard as it seems when we realize what Christ’s sacrificial love did for us.

Thank you, dear friends, for taking the time to read this Friday with Fred. For most of my readership family, it is too much of a request for you to reply by email. Yet, as friends, I can trust you to consider your LIFE PURPOSE and how it relates to God’s love.