My dear friends, I write this Word of Hope from Cabo, San Lucas. This is a wonderful place, especially when Spokane is experiencing bitter coldness – still winter!

Yet, in spite of the beautiful surroundings here, the hardships of life are present. We cannot escape them no matter how hard we try or where we travel. Human pain and tragedy are legion and worldwide. To tell you bluntly and in the midst of my extreme nausea this week, I have communicated with:

  • A devastated person going through a divorce after 23 years of marriage,
  • A daughter who lost her daddy to cancer,
  • A dear friend who was abruptly fired from his 20-year employment,
  • A family very ill with stomach flu for over 10 days, and
  • A dear man on life support.

In the midst of a country torn by anger, divisions, mistrust, and confusion, I ask the perennial question: Where is there hope? The saints of history all experienced times we now face. History shows those who placed their hope in the one true living God experienced contentment, whereas those who chose to live by the sword died horrible deaths.

My hope is in the One who does not disappoint (Romans 10:11). Foremostly, I am a citizen of Heaven. In God’s future high court, we will be stripped of all pretense, but we can be saved based on His righteousness. 
What a wonderful light to shine in the midst of dark and difficult times. Christ’s marvelous love never diminishes! His character never changes! He promises to never abandon me.

Today my joy is living the mission my Wonderful Counselor has invited me to each day of my life: Love the Holy Trinity with all that I am, and love people. Therefore, I live in hope and not in despair!