Just one act of KINDNESS can change a life forever. It is a type of behavior marked by favorable acts of generosity, consideration, and concern. What might some of these be?

  • One KIND and sincere compliment
  • One KIND letter
  • One KIND email
  • One KIND text
  • One KIND hug
  • One KIND smile
  • One KIND “I love you (just you!)”

Perhaps you can reflect on one magnanimous act of kindness shown to you that changed your life forever. Or perhaps your future will be changed by one magnanimous act of kindness you receive.

Can you imagine you can change one person’s life by your warmhearted act of kindness? What an opportunity!

Recently I thought to myself, “I wonder if I should stop preparing words of hope. Do they really matter?” Then this morning I received this text: “My daily gratitude includes the Words of Hope book. It helps to calm me so. Best of luck with your new study. Amazing how things appear. Love to you and Susie.” – Barbara Wood

This one communication act of kindness was what I needed to inspire these words of hope today. Thank you, Barbara Wood, for your sincere act of kindness. I needed it!

A cruel Roman cross made possible the greatest win in all of history.

No cross – No resurrection 

No resurrection – No Hope

Bless you,

– Fred Crowell