Fridays with Fred – Excellent UCLA doctor time

Dear Forever Friends,

Once again, the Lord delivers Fred Crowell big time.

After 11 intense metastatic cancer years, my cancer is isolated in the bones and not present in soft tissue.

Indeed, I am far from cancer-free, but this is a huge blessing! I am strong enough to board an Alaska Airlines jet and travel alone without Susie directing the show.

I received a miracle opportunity to try out a new non-chemo clinical trial. To date, I have passed all of the markers needed to enroll in the program. Now we wait for final approval.

Renewed HOPE is my reality. So many great opportunities still on my bucket list.

Thank you for your prayers. I provide you with this information as I deeply appreciate your informed prayers for me as I enter this process.

Fred Rogers gave his entire professional life to treat every child with unconditional love.

Every person in your life, including yourself, is urged by Jesus to have a child-like faith. To thrive as a child, we all need unconditional love.