Pictured above is Jim Harrick – John Wooden – Fred Crowell.

Coach Jim Harrick is one of the finest friends any person could ever have in a lifetime. These qualities make Coach Harrick heads above the normal friendship:

  • Supreme happiness for your personal successes, totally void of envy.
  • Never forgetting where he came from and never treating people poorly. Therefore, why wouldn’t he elevate the custodian at UCLA with the same respect he gave the college president?
  • Matching his words of goodness with deeds of kindness to elevate rather than deflate you.

His following words to me are proof of his outstanding qualities:
“Fred Crowell is one of the brightest basketball minds I have ever been around. He was a college player as well as a college coach. He has been running the biggest and the best youth basketball camps in America, and now he also has them in many countries in Europe. He is the John Wooden of youth basketball camps.” His written words mean much to me!