Fred Crowell’s 7 to 10 BUSINESS RULE

Years ago I initiated the Golden Ruler Award.  It is a unique award for two reasons.  First, any coach or player attending NBC Camps can “earn” not win the award.  Second, it is so difficult to “earn” few attempt the challenge.

People ask me if youth are different today than 50 years ago?  I say “NO.”  What has changed is, EXPECTATIONS!
We no longer have the same expectations.

Let me give you an example.

In 1960 the president, Dr. Theopolis at the U of Idaho greeted our class with these exact words, “Welcome to the University of Idaho.  I have good news and bad news for you today.  First the bad news, 50% of you will not be here next year!

Today’s higher education presidents challenge is RETENTION, RETENTION, RETENTION. Let’s get as many of these students as possible to return.

What is the impact? Today’s youth are permitted to be softer, not to be hungry, not expected to be tough; not challenged to never quit.  Yet when youth are presented with high expectations, to be resilient, to fight through and be courageous their response is equal to the professionalism and integrity of their leader. Youth are the same! Leadership has changed!

Now for the 7 to 10 Rule.  Know what? I have already lost some because they don’t like the idea of having a rule. Well, too bad. I like rules, and people in my life experience who want to win BusinessBall believe RULES are important.

When you call a person in business or friendship, make sure 7 of the calls don’t ask for anything. These 7 calls are to say hello, thinking of you, have a great day, you are amazing.

When you are faithful to making 7 “no ask calls” the three ask calls get results!  Try it and see both business and friendship grows.

Never get in this position; “oh no Crowell is calling again.  Wonder what he wants this time?”