“If you have faith, family, friends sprinkled with a little fun you can beat anything.” – Loraine Derr, Juneau Alaska

If anyone on earth understands the value of faith, family, and fun it is Lorraine Derr. 

Susie and I have enjoyed forming our friendship with Lorraine on a past 15-day cruise on the MS Rotterdam as we boated from San Diego through the modern-day world wonder, the Panama Canal to Ft. Lauderdale. 

People are so easy to be with when joy, peace, and love are the drivers of their lives. They speak easily of ideas and possibilities and they tell positive stories of past experiences. 

People are so hard to be with when resentment, blame, and anger spew from their mouths. They speak easily of past wrongs, other people’s failures, and negative stories of their past. 

Lorraine was a popular member of the Panama Canal tour group. She came alone. Only brave people can travel alone. 

Only single adults traveling with married couples understand the difficult dynamics. Only folks who have lost a marriage partner to death can understand this type of loss. Lorraine lost two good men to illness. Yet Lorraine speaks life and lives life. 

How are you doing? How is your faith, family, and fun factor doing?

Basketball coaches have practice plans. The better the plan the better the practice. 

Faith, family, and fun can be likened to a basketball game! 

Faith grows with practice.

Family unity demands intentional time. 

Friends come from being a friend first. 

Fun is the product of consistently doing the right thing at the right time. 

I like Lorraine’s quote, “If you have faith, family and friends sprinkled with a little fun you can beat anything.” 

Look out cancer you are a loser.

Look out temporary failure. I don’t quit. 

Look out, joy robbers. The joy of the Lord is my strength. 

Thanks, Lorraine Derr for inspiring the Crowell’s.