1. Will

2. You

3. For

4. Give

5. Me

75 years of life experience confirm to me that “will you forgive me” are the four most difficult words for people to say to those that have done wrong.

Imagine the husband and father who dumps his wife of 40 years and he says goodbye to his children for a younger woman without remorse.

Children say, “I hate you dad!” Wife in grief. Dad has no concept of repentance. The ex-husband and father actually said, “I know that I am in sin, but I have to do it anyway.”

Five simple syllables, so difficult to say and mean.

Imagine the businessman and his business son who convince others to join them in a venture based on false promises. They totally miss manage the financial affairs; threaten to sue partners if they object to unfair demands. Their final act of betrayal was demanding 30% on money they mishandled.

Not one ounce of remorse. Five stakeholders escaped these two dishonest men’s moral code.

Imagine the father who abuses children in every conceivable way, yet when confronted years later, could only say, “Why are you here, to crucify me?”

Impossible for this selfish man to say five simple syllables.

photo-1Imagine a person killing both his wife and her friend in a brutal way but never taking any form of responsibility for his actions. 5 wise syllables foreign to his tongue.

Once in a while, I have some wonderful discussions with young men who are entering the business world. On one occasion I recall telling two young men these thoughts. “When I am long gone from this world, remember my two favorite words. These are words I seldom hear, “MY FAULT.”

We live in the world of blame, not my fault, you made me do it. I would not have done it if you wouldn’t have…

“Will you forgive me” are beautiful words because they bring healing, restoration, and freedom.

“Will you forgive me” is the first in restoring relationships. Without forgiveness, there is no possibility of restoration.

“Will you forgive me” are not words that indicate personal weakness. To the contrary, they are words that speak strength of character and integrity.

“Will you forgive me” is the key principle of the Lord’s Prayer, “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…give us this day our daily bread, FORGIVE US (me) AS WE (I) FORGIVE OTHERS!”

True forgiveness begins with forgiveness of self. Lord will you forgive me. Will you give me the power and the strength to forgive myself so that I can, in turn, forgive others?

If you want to eliminate terminal anxiety, “will you forgive me” will become words easy and natural for you to say when it is appropriate and necessary to do so.

So easy, yet so difficult.    

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. -Paul to his friends at Galatia