Do you want single or double knocks?

Every time the aspiring basketball youth yells back to Coach Crowell, “give me double knocks, Coach!!!!!”
Coach Crowell makes two-fisted fake binoculars and points to the action. Without exception, the hoopster either gives a great performance or begs for a second and third try.

Conversely, an employee once told Coach C, “I never want you to watch me coach, because you make me feel inferior. I can’t coach as well as you.”

What is the learning opportunity of these two stories?

Clearly, the confident student wants eyes on, whereas the fear-driven one prefers isolation from inspection.

One of my favorite ways to both motivate and encourage is to say, “You are so good, you have eyes on you; coaches are watching you.”

The featured photo for this Words of Hope is a college female playing a boy in a riveting play. The eyes of the student artist speak to the power of eye contact.

No wonder the Scriptures tell us, “The  eyes are lamps to the soul.”

No wonder a child loves to hear a parent tell them, “You are the apple of my eye.”

No wonder it is so beautiful and wonderful to know and understand the truth when we read, “You are wonderfully made; I created you; I know your name and you are mine; I have my eyes on you, I love you.”

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. The cross is His gift to us. Jesus has His eyes on you.

In turn, we can use our eyes to motivate and encourage. I have my eyes on you!