“Superstar heroes don’t love you enough to be with you in tough times.”

Today I lift up one of my most loved everyday heroes. These are the credentials that qualify this giant of a man for hero status:

  1. Proven track record – a relation grounded in mutual respect, trust and love since NBC Whitworth camps back in 1982.
  2. Passes transactional/friendship test. 7 out of 10 calls are friendship (no ask) calls, like, “Hey Fred, checking in and just want to tell you I love you.”
  3. Loyal-faithful to God first, family second and guys like me, third.

In the laws of the universe, Bill Stricker would be classified as an ordinary man who lives an extraordinary life.

With joy, I honor my hero. Bill was an All American big man at the U of Pacific when they were REALLY Good. Bill scored 44 points in one game and was drafted by Portland.

Bill and his amazing bride brought their two kids, Matt and Stacia to NBC Camps for all of their school-age years. He also brought in Scott Brooks, former coach of Durrant and Westbrook, (don’t be shocked if he coaches them again.)

Bill himself coached at East Union for 35 years and is one of the best coaches I have observed in my entire lifetime.

Do you want to talk about brave? Spend a few days with Bill and you will find a man with “fire in his belly.”  No one in my life exceeds “The Big Man,” all 6’9” as a coach, a father, a dad and an everyday hero.

Recently while walking together in Yosemite Bill, slipped on ice. He broke his hip which was further complicated because Bill has serious kidney failure.

I did not write these Word of Hope for my health (though that is a benefit). No, I write these words today to honor Bill Stricker.

And as always, knowing, revelation demands a response, I write these words so you will meditate on who is an everyday hero in your life; meditate on these words, then tell them in your own measured words why they are your everyday hero.

What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? What does it profit a man if he loves people but never tells them?

It takes an ordinary man to be an extraordinary hero.