image1The Logical Deduction:

God the creator is the ultimate artist.
Humankind was created in the image of God.
Therefore all humans are uniquely created to be artists.   

God’s gift to us is artistic talent.
Our gift to God is to become a master artist with the gift He gave us.

Tom Brady is a quarterback artist.
Stephen Curry is a basketball artist.
Susie Crowell is a grandma artist.
Steve Altmeyer is a man builder artist.
Jon Coon is a financial advisor artist.
Scott Blake is Copper River Seafood artist.
Eva Makk is a world famous artist.
Gary is our lake house builder artist.

My dream is to be an emotional intelligence artist.

This is your personal invitation to spend the next 7 days taking the Fred Crowell EQ crash course.

Thoughts become words, words become acts, acts become habits, habits become your destiny.