Anytime the word “HOPE” appears in writing, my eyes light up! It is my inspiration! It became my go-to word when cancer knocked at my door. Without my invitation, HOPE made itself at home in my entire life.

As I thumbed through a Bible early one morning, I reviewed the following years-ago underlined passage in the book of Hosea: “There I will give her back her vineyards and I will make the Valley of Achor a DOOR OF HOPE.” 

Two brilliant oncologists, one at UCLA Medical Center and the other at City of Hope (both world-class cancer centers in California), are searching for a clinical, medical door of hope for me. I have come to believe:

  • There is a door of hope for a respected woman going through her third painful round of chemo.
  • There is a door of hope for the pregnant mother facing surgery to help her unborn child diagnosed with spina bifida.
  • There is a door of hope for one of the best men I know, who broke his neck while surfing on a Hawaiian vacation; now daily he is in his wheelchair through his door of hope. 

Beyond the medical, physical door of hope, there is a special God-designed door of hope for each of us. It is a way upward, quite impassable without faith’s ladder. 

I do remember my first foretaste of hope when, at age 23, I had the joy of knowing I became a child of God. These were red-letter days in my experience.

Then, may I tell you that later in my darkest days, without much hope, I discovered I could walk through my God-given door of hope. When other doors seemed shut, I knew God would not leave me hopeless, or let me sink in troubles (meaning of “Achor”), because of His love in times past. He was still good. He has allowed Jesus to be my master key, and He promised a feast prepared for all those who love Him. My faith accepts this and the promise in Hosea: “I will give her back her vineyards…”

That is why I am inspired to invite you to walk through your personal door of hope by faith. The miracle-maker Lord Jesus has made this door for you, a gateway to His vineyards. These vineyards are filled with clusters and fragrances of His goodness, love, and faithfulness–all steadfast, never-changing, eternal, giving us matchless hope now and throughout eternity beyond comparison.