Cain, what have you done? Why is your countenance so downcast? What did you do that makes your face so dark?

The eyes are lights to the soul. Do you have your lights on, is a frequent question asked to the youth I serve when coaching sports and life skills.

You did so good, is a compliment that brings me joy in giving to a well-deserved recipient.

The ability to have eyes to see and a heart to feel the so good in people and life is learned behavior that comes through years and years of hard work.

Fools can tell you what’s wrong; genius is showing you how to fix the problem. Brilliance is being able to imagine what a person can become as opposed to what their present state is.

When you reach the place in life where you subconsciously see the so good, you live in gratitude. Life becomes ease and grace. Peace is your reward.

So good is living with comfort in uncomfortable circumstances.

Easy to say; maybe impossible to live without a strong conviction that St. Paul was correct stating, “And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose…” – Romans 8:28

Life is so good.