The single most obvious evidence of depression is lack of energy and passion for life.

The single greatest indicator of health is a life with an abundance of energy and passion for living.

The remarkable movie, WIND RIVER, has a verbal exchange between two fathers whose daughters were both murdered.

The father who is in the Black Box, depression comes first. Last comes suicide. He is in the middle of the teeter totter. Live or die. No hope, no energy, no passion.

The father who escaped the black box after several years in the prison of depression, now has hope, energy, and passion.

The key to suicide or life. You can choose to surrender or you can decide to survive.

If you choose to surrender know that you not only lose yourself, but you lose all your loving relationships.

If you choose to survive you find yourself and you encourage and inspire all the ones you love.

Surrender means I quit.

Survive means I fight.

Like the captain on the ship and the roughest waters of the world do not surrender. He does not run away from the storm. No, he points the ship into the storm.

Fred Crowell’s suggestions to fight depression:

  1. Recognize the enemy. Make a full disclosure. Yes, admit the level of your depression.
  2. Get help immediately. Find a mentor who lives PTR & WOBI (Proven Track Record & Worthy of Being Imitated). Medication may be necessary, but be careful.
  3. Change your vocabulary! Your words got you in the Black Box. Your Words will get you out of the Black Box.
  4. On a card you carry, read 5 “I Am” statements as often as you need, to be in survival and not surrender mode.

Crowell’s 5:

  1. God is alive in me
  2. God is my energy and passion
  3. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength
  4. Fred Crowell never quits
  5. I survive, I love life, and I love people
  6. Run to and not from the pain. Let it have full play. Thank the Lord for your pain.

Often read:

  • I Thessalonians 5:16-18
  • Philippians 4:4-8
  • James 1:1-5

It is always too soon to quit and never too late to try again.