Dear Fellow Cancer Fighters:

This morning the candle is lit here in my home office. Prayers for your courage, faith, and hope have been offered to our loving Heavenly Father in the glorious name of Jesus. I am praying especially for Judy, a new fellow cancer fighter.

May I share something very personal and important to cancer fighters? When I pray, I focus on three things: PPR = Purpose, Passion, and Responsibility.

For me, my purpose is twofold: To love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength; and 2) To love people with the love of Jesus Christ. If this mission includes going to heaven, I will walk through the valley of the shadow of death in such a manner that people know Fred Crowell lived joy and love to his last breath.

My history: January 5, 2014, after three years with my cancer teacher, I was told cancer had invaded my spine and ribs. This was a blow displayed by three days of tears. Then I woke up January 8th with a new resolve: No more self-pity. Later, my son Jay called me with words of love and encouragement and then said: “Dad, now we are really going to find out if you believe what you have taught me all these years.” I needed this kind and gentle exhortation.

My second focus in PPR is passion. Another part of my history: That same January weekend in 2014, I slowly walked up our street to our daughter’s home. Practicing the piano was Ariana, our second granddaughter. When she looked into my eyes, she asked me to lie down on the rug with a pillow under my head. She instructed me to close my eyes while she played my favorite song, Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine. To this day, this remembrance brings tears to my eyes. Following her performance, my third granddaughter, Isabella (age 9 at the time) proclaimed: “Papa, you have to live long enough to see my first baby born but not my second baby.” We laughed!

Passion fuels our purpose. Judy, you are loved by thousands who admire your life of serving others. I pray this passion in you will fortify you as never before. Now let people give to you! 

Lastly, PPR’s focus is responsibility. Hebrews 12:1-2 is my game plan, an admonition to run the race the Lord God has called us to run. I run with you, Judy. Together we fight to our last breath for the glory of our Lord Jesus. We will give 100% of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. 

Your husband may want to read this WOH. Over the years, I have candidly observed my wife Susie suffer for me, just as Paul suffered for his brothers and sisters. This is love.

In God’s Light and Love, Fred Crowell