Dear, Crowell Words of Hope Team

My dream of Hope is realized in, helping me, help you, help others.

One of the most hopeless feelings is to lack the resources to help one in need or have them refuse to listen and receive the hope you can offer them.

You have already helped me pursue my dreams, passion, and purpose in seeing thousands, even hundreds of thousands find hope through reading Words of Hope.

It seems there are two wonderful ways to honor you. 

First, live every day as if it is my last day on earth; this means to love people, be extra kind and see each person as a miracle.

Second, pursue the goal of playing the cards in my hand exceptional well. If this means dying, do it well; if it means living, do it well.

Words of Hope Book Report:

Due to challenges like health, editing nearly 600 words of hope down to366 daily devotions and trying to reach a goal of 10,000 pre-sales we are one month behind schedule.  As Forbes books begin the major task of the final edit and printing of 10,000 AAA books for everyday hope, we are only 1,800 pre-sales away from reaching our goal.

With gladness, I face the challenges for the joy that awaits us in hope. Recently, I received bad news attached to the good news. Bad news, cancer is growing; present meds are not stopping it. Good news, cancer is still in my bones and has not progressed into my organs. The solutions are radiation and chemo. 

The war continues…

Thanks for your prayers!

We all need hope and encouragement. Encouragement is like oxygen.