cup of joy has the potential to give more vitality than a cup of joe. Do we really believe this? Ask 65% of adult Americans who delight in their daily cup of joe. (My deceased dear friend called it a cup of mud.)

The average store-bought cup of coffee costs $3.25. How popular it is! That average store sells about 230 cups per day.

However, may we compare it to a cup of joy?

  1. A cup of joy is FREE, no dollar cost.
  2. A cup of joy PRODUCES GRATITUDE, thankfulness, peace of mind, improved health.
  3. A cup of joy can LAST all day.
  4. A cup of joy can be SHARED.
  5. A cup of joy keeps on GIVING.

So, a cup of joy is even better!

The well known Psalm 23 tells us our cup of joy is filled more than to the brim. It runs over! Why? Because our personal Shepherd more than meets all our needs. The Lord is more than Mohammed, Buddha, Gandi. Our Shepherd guides, protects, never leaves, always loves. We are not faceless nonentities to Him. We are sheep of His pasture, children of God. 

This is our mother lode of treasure, our delight, our cup of joy, to share with another today.