A broken plate! Imagine the pain a mother experienced when her young child dropped one of her most precious treasures. It was a special plate received from her mother. In tears, this mother scooped up the broken pieces, preparing to toss them into the garbage. “Oh no, wait!” exclaimed her guest Mako from Japan. “Please don’t throw away the broken plate. It is more valuable now than before!” The mother stared in disbelief.

Mako opened a small bag that contained powdered gold, silver, and epoxy. This kind man said, “Four hundred years ago, in Japan, an artist invented an art form called KINTSUGI. We make the broken better in Japan, more valuable than when it was perfect.” So, very carefully, Mako began putting the broken plate back together, using his packaged elements. Amazingly, it became more beautiful and unique than before to be displayed with pride. The mother cried with joy, and the child jumped into his mother’s arms with relief.

We learn that we are like pottery, becoming even more refined thanks to our “scars.” Brokenness comes before greatness. To encourage Ryan, an injured race-car driver due to a terrible accident, I want you to know the Master Artist is going to put you back together more remarkably, more amazingly, and stronger than before the accident. 

  • You will heal with strong bones and muscle, physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • You will be a better race-car driver.
  • You will see danger better as never before.
  • You will be more cautious yet more courageous; both are ingredients for world-class performance.
  • You will be humble, kind and especially grateful to drive, live, and love life and people as never before.

Like the KINTSUGI artist, refining a broken plate with ability and time, you, too, will become better than before. You will be a masterpiece. You are in the Hall of Fame of Brokenness with God as our Artist. I embrace the damage with you.

Welcome to the life race of a broken plate. Ryan, I hope to meet you and watch you perform behind the wheel of a great machine. My best to you in this Word of Hope from a broken-plated man of 77 years. I warmly speak the truth from God’s Holy Word.