Greetings dear WOH friends,

Daily words of hope with Fred Crowell was inspired out of my need to fight cancer with firm resolve and a never-quit attitude.

Cancer became a friend, not a foe. Cancer became my lightning rod to experience sacred silence with Abba Father. Sacred silence drew me to a very intimate relationship with the blessed Holy Trinity that moved me to a greater desire to be obedient to His instructions in His written Word.

The ultimate victory was to experience the same reality Jesus experienced. Jesus said, “O for the joy that awaits me I gladly go to the cross.” I, too, proclaim, “O for the joy that awaits me I gladly live with cancer.”

For these reasons, 10,000 Words of Hope books are on the press.

For these reasons, I will write Words of Hope until I can no longer think or speak.

For these reasons, I will continue to share that others may have a never quit attitude striving to reach their highest hopes. I believe some of the best Words of Hope are yet to come because I have never been so in touch with our trustworthy Savior and Lord.

For these reasons, I will live for God, all of His creation, and especially people.

It is not possible for me to write personal letters like the one you can read at this link. If you chose to read it, you will read about the good news and bad news. My letter to Bob could easily be changed to replace his name with your name.

Thank you friends,