The difference between a covenant and a contract is as wide and deep as the Grand Canyon.

A covenant is a commitment that can never ever be broken. There is never a circumstance which permits one to break covenant. The God of all creation is the author of covenants.

Contracts are commitments between people. They can be broken altered and changed based on the effectiveness of lawyers.

Often the contract is only as good as the honesty and integrity of the people involved in the contract.

God in his wisdom was not interested in forming contracts. God makes covenants which can never be broken. 

Fact is when Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected He formed a new covenant with us. The new covenant is our absolute guarantee that He will never leave us or forsake us. This is why this covenant is called GOOD NEWS.

Marriage can be viewed from two perspectives. 

One option is to see marriage as man’s idea. This means marriage is a contract and it can be broken for any reason.

The second option is to see marriage as a covenant. It cannot be broken or altered for any reason.

imagesWith contract marriages being so popular, no wonder so many see marriage as a liability; as a failed experience and choose simply to live together as couples.

The biblical view of marriage is a covenant with the idea that two individuals become one. This mindset gives couples the conviction to weather the hardships every marriage faces.

With gratitude I rejoice in the knowledge that marriage is a covenant. The reward for those who see marriage as covenant is to have grandchildren on their laps and children who love and honor their parents because of their commitment to family.

How do you see marriage?

Do you see marriage as a contract or a covenant?

When life gets tough, when things go wrong, when suffering knocks at our door, when love is hard; it is at these times when our view of marriage makes all the difference in the world.

The contract marriage has a high likelihood of breaking. Where the covenant marriage will whether the storms life presents.

As I close this Words of Hope I think of the principle, what we appreciate APPRECIATES.

Love for family love for God and love for life will grow as we appreciate them.