“At any given moment you are either in consolation or desolation.” – St. Ignatius of Loyola

The idea of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” speaks to the fact that two people do not necessarily see or experience the same reality.

Ignatius understood this phenomenon clearly. I have found this valuable when addressing people at speaking venues.

The audience receives the message based on being in consolation or desolation. For example, at NBC Camps a core value is honoring and respecting parents. The child who has an exceptional father hears differently than the boy who has an abusive one.

When I speak about gratitude and thanksgiving, one who recently received news they have cancer hears differently than one recently engaged.

The good news according to Ignatius; “if you are in desolation have hope because consolation will come. If you are in consolation enjoy it because desolation is coming.”

Cancer has been a brutally tough teacher. Mr. C tells it like it is. Yet, cancer set me free from living in the past or the future.

It is clear to me that each human is only a phone call away from desolation. Don’t believe me? Check out the news.

Winning the moment is my mission. When I win the moment, winning the hour is possible. If I win the hour, winning the day is possible.

This is not a difficult concept. For 50 years I have coached my basketball players to win each possession. Teams who make fewer turnovers, make more free throws, get more rebounds, most often win the game.

People who master gratitude, say thank you often, give more than they take, win the moment the hour and the day.

Are you in consolation or desolation?  Regardless, hold on!