In retrospect, maybe even Super Bowl players (winners or losers) see improvements needed in their play. In life, we are never perfect!

After Super Bowl LIV, I was reminded our good habits operate from the subconscious mind, our autopilot system. Conversely, new, heightened, or changed behavioral skills are mastered by operating from the conscious mind. Therefore, wisdom tells us to make conscious contact with behaviors we wish to begin and/or those we want to stop = eliminating the wrong and mastering the right. Conscious contact is needed to get it done!

The brilliant pianist’s fingers dance on the white and black keys. It is an extension of the body and mind, a great automatic pilot driver. Yet the piano novice must focus on the conscious level step by step. The mind needs to be on overdrive. Such conscious contact is hard work! Similarly, the MVP Super Bowl quarterback is operating at the conscious level when he calls plays in the huddle; however, he is operating at the subconscious level when he is in the passing pocket. At this point, it becomes instinctive behavior.

Confidence then is the product of careful preparation; careful preparation is the product of conscious contact. The hard, cold truth is that behavioral change is very difficult because it demands focus, hard work, and consistent conscious contact.

Conscious Contact Steps:

  1. Recognize and identify by name behaviors you wish to discontinue and wish to initiate.
  2. Develop a  game plan (the how) for these behaviors.
  3. Select a trustworthy person who will help you be accountable to keep your commitment.
  4. Make it cost you something if you do not keep your commitment.
  5. Embrace the pain, the hardships and the sacrifices necessary; welcome the challenge.

Do it for yourself so you can give to those you love your best you, the best valentine’s gift!