Long ago when Latin was the mother tongue, a linguist used the word FEBRUUM, meaning purification. The English translation is February.

I hope you have enjoyed your February month. Here in Spokane, we are hoping the end of February will introduce us to March’s spring. Our winter extended itself aggressively in February, making it our worst February winter in 50 years. We are ready for March!

Spring is known for cleaning both inside and outside the house. Perhaps it will not be as important as a generation ago. Those were the days for discarding of unused items, scrubbing, washing, polishing. Have you heard: “If not used in one year, toss it! Declutter!”  

Well, our inner mind and heart deserve some spring cleaning also. Do we really need to keep worry, doubt, the past, old thought patterns, halfhearted commitment?

Tomorrow we’ll look at a simplistic poem that highlights the inner cleaning and what should take the place of unnecessary heart items.