Clean car, clean house, clean body clean mind, clean heart – makes me feel good!

I confess I love CLEAN! Never ceases to amaze me how GOOD I feel after a “cleaning project”.

Yet, more often than not the idea of cleaning turns me off.

Hey, let’s clean the garage. Ugh…

How bout organizing closets. Sick…

Organizing files. No way! 

But the feel good happens when it is finally CLEAN.

Today on the way home from NBC my new Toyota Rav 4 gets cleaned inside and out. It makes me feel good.

This am at 5:30, the first act of the day was a hot shower. Those first two steps out of the sack were painful. Showers make me feel good.

I began a 16-week intense, building passion for God program with 14 other men.

Knowing God has cleaned my mind and heart makes me feel good. More than good. Supremely grateful. 

The best of the best cleans for me is Holy Communion. This is always a special time, Lord. Thank you!

What else can I clean today so I can feel even better?

Though your sins may be scarlet the Lord’s work on the cross makes them as white as snow in our hearts and minds. Clean is good. This is good.