As I reflect on the major decisions of my life, there was one that took the longest to decide yet had the most impact on my life. Although enjoying life and starting a great athletic career, inwardly I was struggling with the purpose of my life. By age 23, life’s harsh realities convinced me there was no God. Perchance if there was a God, I wanted nothing to do with the God I was told to embrace. In fact, circumstances led to my inward struggle becoming a wrestling match years ago in Alaska.

Yes, I admitted God created my life, and, seemingly, everything in the world. In one of St. Paul’s letters, he called Christ, God’s Son, as the life-giver and its sustainer (Colossians 1:16). I could agree we were dependent on God for our world’s existence. Without Him, the cosmos would be chaos. And I could admit He was above everything.

However, when I realized Jesus could be my life, I knew this was a huge decision. There is a magnanimous difference between having Christ as a giver/sustainer of life or my real life. I knew this meant I needed to be ALL IN or not at all. Why? Because Paul said everything imaginable was by Christ, through Him and for Him. That means everything finds its purpose in Him. 

For me, the decision then came down to logic. Not until I accepted the historical facts that Jesus lived, died on a cruel cross and was resurrected, was I willing to shelve what I viewed as hypocrisy and dysfunction of the faith system.

With a little reluctance, I made the decision to drink from the pure well of Hope Christ promised. While Christ was the source of my natural life, He then became the source of my eternal life and His quality of life right now. His presence, will and desires have become a part of me. Why? Because Jesus made the claim, a statement of factual reality, in John 14:6, I am the way, the truth and the life…”

I have discovered this means the way is non-negotiable. It really is the pivotal point in history because Jesus shattered the barrier between man and a holy God. It also means Jesus is the personification of truth, not just telling us some truths. Everything else besides Him is a partial truth. Finally, it means Jesus gives us the way to live life and face death, an exclusive claim. This spiritual life gives us hope and are words of reassurance. Jesus never breaks His promises.

I am so grateful for over 50 years now my dear wife and I have experienced this marvel that Jesus can express Himself and His love through our lives. He has become the anchor of our souls.