Long ago when my dad was in school one of the basketball games fan chants was: “Ash can, tin can, who can, we can beat Everett…Bellingham… Mt. Vernon…Snohomish.”

These fan cheers can be fun to shout, although some may be a little corny. They can even elevate us into the CAN DO mode of thinking. 

NBC Basketball Camps has years of innovating camp chants to change belief systems from a CAN’T DO to a CAN DO mindset. Here are some of Fred Crowell’s favorites from the past 48 years. The coach asks the question; the athletes answer. Make a focused mental note of this fact! Each question is designed to challenge what you believe not how you behave.

  • If you think you can’t, you can’t. If you think you can, you can!
  • How is your PMA? Boy am I enthusiastic!
  • Who starts your engine? Vroom, I am a self-starter!
  • Where are you right now? Right here right now!
  • Who are you? I am a miracle!
  • Why are you a miracle? God made me!

CAN DO mode wins; CAN’T DO mode loses. Why? Because what you believe dictates how you behave. Please do not be like the 90% of people surveyed who say, “I know this.”  Most adults in all professions focus on behavior, not belief change. When you think you know and do not practice it, in reality, you never knew it.

The greatest impact on my belief system happened when I chose to believe what God’s Word tells me who I am, not what I tell myself who I am. This Word of Truth tells us we are all fearfully and wonderfully created, just a little lower than an angel. When we believe we are miracles, we tend to act like a miracle. 

CAN’T DO never did. CAN DO always does. St. Paul gave us a world-class quote to practice: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength.”