To WIN against cancer, it is first and foremost necessary to understand what war and winning are. War is intense conflict and combat; winning is conquering and gaining a triumph. 

Unfortunately, cancer has no rules. Cancer cheats. It goes after a one and only victory with a goal over total winning on each of the three battlefields: the war of the mind, the war for the body, and the war for the spirit. For cancer, this means the total defeat of the individual.

For the cancer victim, a victory is to win against cancer on the three battlefronts listed–the mind, body, and spirit. Often, we view cancer attacking and winning only on the body battlefront. That is why victims seek a physical, medical doctor. However, the mental attitude is almost as important. When the mind cannot relate to pain positively, mental thoughts turn negative and do not fight, feeling “I cannot do this.”

However, when the body and mind succumb to the cancer fighter on the body and mind battlefronts, life loses. Death to the body and mind becomes a reality. How about the human spirit? Can cancer kill the human spirit? This is the crucible question about cancer. 

Words of Hope is dedicated to the premise cancer cannot kill the human spirit. Also, the mind can keep positive. That is the good news. For this reason, “Red Crow” has no fear of cancer. Cancer cannot kill Red Crow’s spirit, the real Fred Crowell.