If you can laugh you can solve most of life’s ailments.

One of my favorite early morning disciplines is to ask Abba Father one question.

The question is quite simple. The answer is not always easily coming or comfortable to receive.

Today as I watched the sun rise over the Sea of Cortez I asked the Lord God, “What do you want to teach me today?”

Let me be clear. I have never heard God speak to me. I hear God through His Word and His Spirit, (critics say this is talking to yourself).

Paul in Ephesians tells us God’s mark of ownership on us is when we can have a dialogue with the Blessed Holy Trinity.

If this seems wildly crazy, think of how you can have a dialogue with an intimate loved one.

Recently I was in China for 17 days. Susie was in Spokane. Many nights in my mind’s imagination Susie and I conversed.

After a half hour or so it was clear Abba Father wanted me to laugh. Laughter makes good medicine.

I laughed silently. I laughed softly. I laughed joyfully. I laughed with many of my friends who laughed easily and often.

I laughed with the late Joe T who laughed for no reason at all.

I laughed with daughter Jennifer who has an amazing and medically soothing laughter.

I laughed with Fred Crowell.

I live to laugh.

I love how laughter makes me feel.

I will laugh often today.

You just read about laughter. What are you going to do with your laughter today?


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