PURIFICATION, HEALTH, ENERGY, ALIVENESS, PASSION. It seems impossible to experience these five miracle life skills if the body is in poor health. Again, it starts with the body. Energy seems to be the single best indicator of good health. If overweight, start moving. If depressed, start exercising. If fatigued, start stretching or light yoga. If anxious, start walking. If lazy, get off the couch.

BODY AS A MACHINE. Our bones, muscles, ligaments, organs have the same functions for our body as tires, steering wheel, engine do for a car. Our car is a machine. If diesel fuel is put in a gasoline-driven car, the engine does not work. The same is true of the body. We need to instill proper nutrients and foods in our body, not just fill it with anything.  In addition, the mind is our pilot and control center, needing proper readings and thoughts instilled. Finally, the soul is our passion, needing powerful feelings materializing into proper action.

REALITY CHECK FOR CROWELL. For nearly ten years, two visits per month to the Oncology Clinic has been a serious reality check. When people enter the two-story building, there are three office choices: physical therapy, dermatology, oncology. The look on a person’s face often tells which door they plan to open. My approximately 240 oncology trips have formed a deep impression on me that cancer can take our bodies regardless of our commitment to win. The good news is cancer cannot take away our love, joy, peace, passion, and life purpose. However, it can adjust our life aspiration. Previously, my main mission was to have the best NBC athletic camps in the world; now I have added the purpose of preparation to die well. No matter our age, all of us can examine our physical end of life.

There is joy in bodily sacrifice. The more we move, the better we feel. The more we exercise, the less medical drugs may be needed. The more we self-regulate the body, the more effective we operate our body machine. Then we can use it to walk, see, hear, love, encourage, live with joy. Perhaps this is why St. Paul said to give your bodies to God because of all He has done. He was so intense that he used the word beseech, meaning beg and plead, urge, encourage, want, encourage.

I beg Fred Crowell to present his body (meaning my body) as a living sacrifice to God. I hope you join me in this most difficult challenge!