“Do not be afraid; be strong and courageous.” -Joshua

Joshua was challenged three times to:

Be strong and of good courage.

Only be strong and very courageous.

Be of good courage be not afraid neither be dismayed for the Lord thy God is with you wherever you go.

One of the most important responsibilities of fatherhood is teaching his child not to be afraid, to be strong and courageous.

How does a father accomplish this enormous challenge, responsibility and, yes, obligation?

1. Live PTR. Imitation is the most powerful teaching tool. Proven track record is vital.

2. Quality time spells love. One on one time with a child is encouragement/oxygen and magic to their very innermost being.

3. Build courage into your child’s life.

Ryan Carr is one of my everyday heroes. I love and respect RC. Though small in size Carr has become a giant in his profession. He is chief basketball scout for the Pacers. Big job.

The Carrs have been blessed with 3 children. Austin is a twin. Great kid; kind, loving, generous. Actually too kind if that is possible.

Ryan asked me for parenting advice.

Why were these parents seek parenting advice? Because it is the most difficult job on earth.

Carr asked.
Carr listened.
Carr acted.

Jay Crowell was much like Austin; gentle, kind, eager to please. “The Oarsman,” Jay Crowell learned to beat fear and become courageous! An oarsman in an 8 man crew race burns like a horse in the Kentucky Derby. Thus the nickname.

My life experience coaching/counseling kids gave me the wisdom to teach Austin two crucial life skills.

1. Confront the problem. Roleplay the issue back and forth until the child is ready to confront the person. Practice, practice and more practice.

If this does not work, then Dad becomes the solution finder.

2. Put son in karate, so he will learn that he never has to fight, he already knows he has the tools to take care of himself. So there is no need to fight.


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