It was a fateful Christmas Eve in 1776. General George Washington, also Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, led his men across the Delaware, marching 13 hours to route the cruelest British army. This was in New Jersey with the surprise attack. It was Victory or Death. It was like a high school basketball team beating an NBA team. Today we have the United States of America.

I have been impressed with the following personal friends who have cared about the life of America in the 1960s and later in 2009. They loved America.

  • A painter and portrait artist (originally from Hungary) immigrated to the USA in 1962 to escape the communist movement in Brazil. His name was Americo Makk (deceased in 2015).
  • Donny Sperl, a star basketball player in Alaska, requested a meeting with me as his coach in Fairbanks, the University of Alaska.  The year was 1965. The war was Vietnam. He said to me in my office: “Coach, I am not coming back to college.” My response: “Why, Donny, have I done something wrong?” He said: “No, coach, I love you. I am joining the Army. I want to fight for our country.” Subsequently, Donald Walter Sperl was killed in Vietnam in 1968.
  • shoe-shine man at the Lima, Peru airport in 1967 grasped my wrist and said: “Please, I beg you to take me to America with you.” Sadly, I gently removed his grip from my wrists. He wept. I shed tears with this man.
  • In 1968 during his 19th reconnaissance mission in Vietnam, Marine 2nd Lieutenant Clebe McClary suffered the loss of his left eye, left arm, and nearly half his face, trying to save his buddies’ lives. He subsequently underwent over 30 operations to retain usage of the rest of his body. Later he received 3 Purple Hearts and continues to tell people of his discovery of a real faith in Christ.
  • An Uber driver in Seattle from India around 2009 had only $20 in his pocket. Today he owns a home and drives not one but two Cadillac Escalades because of a well-earned living.

We have the truly miraculous, yet priceless, celebration of the United States of America. We are also challenged to stand strong for the Red, White, and Blue because of the freedom fought for us. It is based on the greatest constitution ever written by human hands. OUR FREEDOM WAS NOT FREE. Men sacrificially gave their lives.