The crucial question…

My daughter Jennifer tells the story of being seven years old. She braved a flight of steps to the high board at the Samford U pool. Gazing down at the water’s surface 15 feet below her, fear won! Jennifer decided to retreat. All-in was not an option. Backtracking down the steps, with an aggressive boy yelling at her to hurry, she fell down many steps. A trip to the clinic for stitches left an indelible mark.

Today and every day, there are all-in decisions to be made.

Matthew chapter 19 compels us to make all-in decisions, but who makes it possible to move ahead when we want to back down the steps from life’s heights?

The first all-in decision deals with marriage. Am I all-in today to do my part to make this 53-year marriage work? I mean, really work? Yes, I am willing to be all in today to delight in Susie and be all present.

Jesus delights in happy, joy-filled, high-functioning homes.

Matthew speaks once again to the treatment of children.

Children are very dear to my heart. After 50 years of teaching youth, it is clear some adults truly love children, and others tolerate them. The best coaches I know have a unique capacity to delight in teaching children with praise and good instruction yet still require a positive I want to excel attitude & willingly correct failures on and off the court.

An all-in coaching mindset see failures as stepping stones to success.

Yes, when I am with children, I am all-in with a total commitment to inspire them to know they are miracles and to expect them to act like a miracle.

Now Mathew makes a turn to a tougher, more demanding matter.

Who will enter the kingdom of heaven? The men who followed Jesus asked in awe? Who can be saved?

With men, this is impossible; with God, all things are possible.”

With God, I can win the moment today. Not just one moment but each new moment. Each failure moment will be energy to win the next moment, and before I realize it, there will be a long string of winning moments.

When I close my eyes tonight to enter sleep, being all-in all day will be my victory.