Do we really measure HOPE in terms of pounds? Yes, we surely do when it is Words of Hope books. How fitting that the ordained day for the arrival of 3600 books at the Crowell home would be on an October snowstorm in Spokane. In fact, it was on a record snowstorm day for the city.

How did Crowell’s daily Words of Hope begin? Here is the inside story. Five years ago, I wrote one encouragement, a letter of love, to a granddaughter at the onset of her college life. This became a blog.

How did the blog become a book? After writing over 700 Words of Hope daily blogs, friends began requesting a book. Then, out of nowhere, Forbes Advantage invited Fred Crowell to be one of their 2020 featured authors. No one would have predicted the result would be a 416-page, full-color hardcover book.

Is the book readable? The book is understandable and clear-cut because I am a coach, and I write as a coach would write. The book is designed to give knowledge to promote active learning: When you know it and understand it, then you are responsible to put it into action. If not acted upon, you really don’t know or understand it. Anyone seeking hope will be blessed because the Words of Hope book delivers hope in a generous manner. 

How do I act upon the writing? At the conclusion of each weekend, the book gives the opportunity to express in writing your personal chosen action. This is critical in the learning process.

So, today in the Crowell garage sits 7200 pounds of HOPE books. What a shame if these books would remain here, taking up valuable space. Likewise, what a shame if a Words of Hope book would never reach your hands to hold and read and, subsequently, put into action it’s learning. Thankfully, each of these 3600 books will be in someone’s hands in the future. This becomes an opportunity to grow their Hope factor.

Love cannot exist without hope. Hope is the anchor to your mind and heart, and Jesus is that ultimate anchor.