Be careful how you answer these 5 how questions. Serious reflection may alter the course of your life. For the good!

Try to answer each question in writing using 20 words or less.

In hopes of encouraging you I have been encouraged by my daughter, Jennifer, to make this personal.

1.  How do you want to live today?

To love God with all that I am and to love people with kindness.  – Fred (15 Words)

2.  How do you want to do your job? 

The Crowell’s spell school J-O-B.  This question applies to youth and adults.

Total commitment to professional excellence.  – Fred (5 Words)

3.  How do you want to be known as a Crowell (your name: ________ ) ?

Respect to the CROWELL name;  gives my children a legacy respected. – Fred (11 Words)

4. How can you be a better person right here, right now?

Be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger.  – Fred (10 Words)

5.  How do you want to be remembered?

An ordinary man who served an extraordinary Jesus Christ.  – Fred (9 Words)


Like all Spanish boys in the 14th & 15th Century, Ignatius dreamed of being a soldier.  His dream became true; soon he was a captain. In a fierce battle with the French Captain Ignatius took a cannonball between his legs. One leg was severely wounded.

He returned home to the family Castle in Loyola to die. After reading all the books in the Castle only one was left, THE IMITATION of CHRIST,  by Thomas A’ Kempis.

Today hundreds of university’s, including Gonzaga, benefit from this man deciding how he wanted to live and how he wanted to be remembered.

The man’s name is St Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits. For 20 years the fondest Christian I know, Father Bernard Tyrell, has been my spiritual director and dear friend.