Words of Hope: The Big Six

Dad loved acronyms and teaching slogans. One of his favorites was called the Big Six. These were the must-have, go-to moves for basketball players. Dad drilled the Big Six any chance he had from Italy to Spokane, from the UK to Nome, Alaska. I laugh when I remember Dad’s intensity and joy around teaching the Big Six. I think about my absolute essentials for me right now. What are my Big Six must have moves in my life to be effective? At the NBC Central Office, we have six absolute must-haves.  

They correspond with Dad’s three core values.  

  • A. Operate from Peace 
    •  Big Six Number 1: Practice Daily Gratitude 
    •  Big Six Number 2: Delight in Difficulty  
  •  B. Exceed Expectations Always 
    •  Big Six Number 3: Demonstrate Courage 
    •  Big Six Number 4: Serve Others 
  •  C. Be a Problem Solver  
    •  Big Six Number 5: Carefully Listen 
    •  Big Six Number 6: Creative Solutions 

These Big Six for NBC Staff help us live out our mission. I prayerfully consider the list and ask God which one I need to focus on today. I choose to carefully listen. This requires laying down my phone, making eye contact, being mentally disciplined to stay on point, and praying as I meet with my co-workers – looking at them with gratitude and eyes of appreciation. 

Which of these NBC Big Six do you want for your life today?

What are the Big Six in your life? 

“Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.” – Proverbs 19:20