Words of Hope: How’s Your PMA?!

This summer we focused on the topic of enthusiasm. It was one of Dad’s favorite words. He loved to ask the camp, “How’s your PMA?” and all of us would jump up and yell “Boy, am I enthusiastic!”  It’s amazing how Dad understood intuitively what the golden age of research would later discover. Enthusiasm is one of the most important emotions on the planet. Enthusiasm means Divine inspiration, filled with the energy and excitement to perform a task or experience something new. Energy is the barometer of health; low energy equals low learning.   

According to some studies, enthusiasm is the single greatest predictor of success in learning a new skill.  

After researching this word, I took so many lessons to heart. How can I be enthusiastic this summer? Enthusiasm is the most contagious of all emotions, even more so than anxiety. You can see it after camp, everyone fired up, giving people a high five, huge smiles and lots of energy. I don’t know how many times I left camp, walked in the store with that same enthusiasm and surprised people by giving the cashier a high five. 
This summer I imagined walking into the office with camp level enthusiasm, greeting people with high energy and gratitude, celebrating the joy that we get to be in the office. Sometimes we would clap our hands hard together culminating in a yell. Some rolled their eyes, some were hesitant but after 5 to 10 minutes of games, energy, and spotlighting, everyone went back to their offices enthusiastic and positive.  

I see more clearly how much my energy level and tonality can influence others. When I’m with my girls, I can spend time with them sharing the emotion of lethargy, neediness, questioning, frustration, or anxiety or I can spend time with them ready to give positive energy toward listening, celebrating, curiosity, hopefulness, abundance, and delight.  

It takes just a few intentional minutes to set my attitude. Singing and dancing are the two best ways for me to privately get my enthusiasm and attitude in a good space. Smiling, clapping my hands with joy, speaking gratitude to God…all these infuse the mood with delight even when I previously felt down or discouraged. No wonder scripture is full of these reminders. Shout for joy, clap your hands, sing praise. Enthusiasm means “filled with God’s breath, His Divine inspiration.” I ask God to breathe this inspiration into my mind and heart today. 

“Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness, come before Him with joyful songs.” –  Psalm 100:1-2