View this IMAGINARY CAGE FIGHT: Nemsa vs. Pemsa. In the south corner of the cage, wearing red/orange is Nemsa. He is fighting for world domination of NEGATIVE emotional, mental and spiritual attitudes. Nemsa’s goal is to have a negative, dark world where people suffer and live in fear. In the north corner of the cage, wearing blue/green is Pemsa. He is fighting for world domination of POSITIVE emotional, mental and spiritual attitudes. Pemsa’s goal is to have a world with kindness and goodness where people thrive and delight in life.

The cage battle is fierce. Nemsa uses every dirty trick in his playbook. No trick is too low or cruel. Time and again it looks like Negativity is going to win. Then, miracle of miracles, Pemsa rises up and strikes down Nemsa with his Positivity.

This mythical world championship pits Negativity against Positivity. Yet, it also exemplifies the world in which we live. Nemsa personifies the Biblical Satan, the most evil negative force there is. Pemsa personifies the Biblical Lord God, the Father who is in Heaven. Jesus was the visible expression of this invisible God.

In reality, and all too true, Satan comes at us day by day. He is resilient, and he has a vast army of dirty tricks. He uses cancer, wars, selfishness, diseases, quakes, fires, hatred, division. There is no end to the ways Satan uses, and he plays no favorites. Skin color, sex, height, weight, wealth, or poverty do not matter. Satan wants every person and will attack all. He wins when we live in Negativity. We see the results when bombs are dropped, hospitals are filled, when there are shootings, raw brutality, and suicides.

Yet, the opposite is Positivity, the gift given us by Jesus’ victory at the cross. However, we must be aware of Satan’s schemes. When soldiers go into battle, they must be cautious to tread only on the ground that has been freed from land mines. A misplaced step into uncleared territory can be deadly. Our cunning foe, Satan, operates in a similar fashion by concealing and camouflaging his real intentions, setting harmful snares of deceit and temptation. Human wisdom is no match in dealing with his craftiness. 

Positivity’s means is to avoid the shrewd traps by staying on the path of righteousness, walking straight in God’s ways with His Divine wisdom. Satan will continue to assault the walls of our minds with alluring enticements. They may be materialism, success, sensuality. The more attention we give to them, the more attractive they become. 

Still, we can have a strong defense. We can “fix our eyes on Jesus” (Hebrews 12:2). We have this choice of shunning evil and seeking good with this steadfast gaze of the heart. Today, we can view thousands of God’s people winning life for God and goodness. We can see steadfast and secure hearts, having no fear because Jesus is faithful. There is no evil that He cannot deliver us from, no obstacle that He cannot overcome on our behalf. He can keep us from the Evil One by keeping us on the path of righteousness. He can equip and guide us so that Satan will not be able to detour or distract us. And we can praise God that He picks us up when we do fall and makes us stand upright again.

Now, whose side will you choose to be on? You can win the world attitude championship!