Do you want to live longer? Then LAUGH! Laughter heals the body, decreases pain, protects the heart and blood flow, and lowers blood pressure.

Do you want to express your amusement and joy? Then LAUGH! Most often, laughter is spontaneous, impulsive, involuntary (yet genuine), usually responsive, and contagious.

Do you want to have more fun and love life? Then LAUGH! Laughter is caught, not taught, and is unique to each person.

Do you want to enjoy people more and have people enjoy you more? Then LAUGH! Laughter increases fun and is social happiness. It strengthens your relationships.

Do you want to lighten your stronger emotions? Then LAUGH! Laughter reduces anger and defensiveness. It relieves stress and tension. A great basketball coach once told me: “In my 30-year coaching career, I tried to create one great ‘belly laugh’ with my team every practice.”

Do you want to be wiser? Then LAUGH! Laughter will promote PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), boost hope, and elevate wisdom. Even the very wisest historical man, King Solomon, advocated laughter. He said in life there is a time to weep and a time to laugh (Ecclesiastes 3:4). 

Here is Coach Crowell’s Game Plan to grow laughter:

  • Smile first!
  • Practice laughing with intentional focus and aloud for two minutes. Fake it if you must.
  • Hang out with laughter, the lighthearted folks. Consider one belly laugh with others at least one time this week.
  • Write five gratitudes daily, counting your blessings.

Finally, there is one other great benefit of laughter: You cannot be sad when you are laughing!