The older I get, the more I learn about life.

The happiest people I meet and the most unpleasant people I observe confirm to me that it is not hard work but loving to work hard that is crucial to a fulfilling life.

Loving work ranks in my top 3 most valuable skills.

Hard work is a legitimate skill set. On the Regal Princess, over 1200 workers serve 3500 passengers.

Amazingly less than 10 Americans work the ship. USA citizens represent less than 1% of the workforce.


I have asked this question of many workers from Croatia, South Africa, and the Philippines.

The answer was always the same. The work is too hard!

Each time I pass a beggar I asked myself this question, would these beggars be happier working a 13-hour shift at a hard job than they are sitting on a cold curb hand stretched out, sad-faced, asking for money?

Loving work, any kind of work, is a gift. We, humans, were born to work.

“The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” – Genesis 2:15

The words about work in Genesis encourage men to embrace work with joy.

Thankfully my life partner comes from a family of hard workers. Susie loves to work. She says, “I was born for speed, not comfort.”

We don’t just make the bed each day. We make the bed quick!

Attitude is the difference-maker with work. Years ago Susie asked me to help paint a bedroom. I was too tired. Soon after a friend called to invite me to play basketball. I wasn’t too tired then.

It hit me. A game of basketball demands much more effort than painting walls.

The fact is, I was lazy. This event was the beginning of a life-long journey to not just work hard but to love hard work.

It makes all the difference.