Last Wednesday, we discussed 5 characteristics of wisdom seen in wise people. They were: Personal Admission, Personal Commitment, Personal Trained Behavior, Personal Skills, Personal Diligence. This Wednesday, we will discuss the additional five characteristics I delight in seeing in those I consider to be wise.

  1. Personal KNOWLEDGE, and perhaps experience that winning is not more valuable than losing, while the obsession with winning at all costs can be destructive. Wise people know it is possible to win the moment but lose overall.
  2. Personal REALIZATION that how you make others feel is more important than what you tell them. Wise people relate to others on this basis because the feeling lasts longer than what is spoken.
  3. Personal RELATIONSHIPS with unconditional love. Wise people know this is the most significant human need, albeit in a child, parent, or grandparent.
  4. Personal NON RETALIATION when being criticized. Wise people know defensiveness, to the contrary, appears to be a universal trait when there is criticism.
  5. Personal BELIEF system dictating behavior. Wise people educate this belief system positively for a valuable asset. 

Knowing all this, may we hunger and thirst for such wisdom! It will pay many dividends.