The wise parent knows and understands that the ultimate test of successful parenting is the day when their son or daughter has matured to the place the parent(s) is able to say…

“Amazing child you now are ready to make your own life decisions. No longer am I your authority figure. I trust you to make wise decisions. From this point forward I will not tell you what to do, how to live or be your authority. I will always love you, be there for you, and be ready to stand with you.”

Tragedy is 50-year-old children still being run by parents.  

Tragedy is over protective and controlling parents being totally shut out of their Kids lives.

Tragedy is when children become adults, the parents are not among their best friends.

Tragedy is when parents can’t wait for their kids to leave home and when kids can’t stand being around parents.

Ideas to avoid these tragedies:

Work hard to be fun and loving parents.

Make home a sanctuary, not a war zone.

Find gentle, kind ways to invite Abba Father, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit to be welcomed and valued guests in your lives.

Live daily with “what you appreciate appreciates.” Truly and totally appreciate each other. Work at it.

Forgive quickly. Don’t store up wrongs. Forgiveness asking is vital. Will you forgive me? How did what I did to you make you feel? Please forgive me for “______” name it, own it.

Give more than you get. Learn to love to serve.

Days are long; life is short. About college age is when the wise parent begins the celebration process. It is both a sad and joyous moment. Every child deserves to be taught by example to be prepared for this moment and every parent should give their child this gift.