The story of Daily Words of Hope

The story begins at the University of Idaho. One of my roommates received letters and care packages with goodies weekly. The joy these gifts brought Vern was obvious.

In turn, my mailbox was empty. The amazing thing is my HOPE factor moved me to the empty mailbox daily.

Out of our poverty, often come remarkable blessings. Three letters in three years at Idaho was the beginning of a love affair for writing notes and letters.

For 45 years, student-athletes and staff write a letter to family or significant others. The impact has been life changing for the sender and the recipient.

In 1990, our only girl married. Her husband took her to Germany. Loneliness is a horrible feeling. My goal was a letter a day for Jennifer who I call my Glory. I liked the idea of her getting a letter daily. Over about 8 months, over 200 letters found their way to Germany.  

Fast forward to 2015. Our eldest granddaughter is off in Oklahoma for college. Loneliness will be knocking at her door.

Emails would be the letter transport vehicle.

As I wrote daily emails to Natalya I would CC: a few others. A few others grew to more others.

Thus Words of Hope was birthed. No longer do I have the energy to travel to camp after camp or work long hours on a regular basis. WOH has been my most precious way to share how the Lord has helped me win my personal war with cancer.

Once in a while, which is more than enough, I get a response. Please allow me to share a recent one that lifts me with more hope and fire in the belly to fight another day.

Hi Fred,

I love you and the impact you have had in my life. I have used your intention vs. impact WOH many times and love every aspect of it. It has stood some of my most intellectual colleagues up in their tracks as they ponder the selfish nature of a good intention against the impact they are having on others.

Have a great day,

Peter B

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Hope is the anchor to our souls. We grow hope through growing faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please God.